#1: State-of-the-Art on an Open Science Ecosystem

A state-of-the-art on initiatives and literature to reform research(er) assessment and incentivise and reward Open Science

The initiatives include key (1) projects, (2) experts and organisations, (3) networks and schemes.

The literature reviews focus on (1) research(er) assessment, (2) incentives and rewards, (3) precarity of research careers, (4) gender equality, (5) industry practices.


The OPUS project team members analysed Open Science initiatives and literature that encourage researchers to practice Open Science. OPUS conducted (and will later update) state-of-the-art on initiatives and literature to reform research(er) assessment and incentivise and reward Open Science, which will include a stakeholder engagement plan identifying key stakeholders to support the stakeholder input and validation sessions in other workpackages as well as gauging the level of (mis)trust in Open Science in the research community.

This WP kicked off the OPUS project, with a view not only to landscaping content, but also to providing direct input to:

  • Identification of incentives for Open Science (Rewards and Incentives for Researchers) – project WP2;
  • Identification of metrics and indicators for Open Science (Rewards and Incentives for Researchers) – project WP3.
D1.1 Landscaping Initiatives

The first task (Task 1.1 within WP1) run by our team members was a State-of-the-Art analysis on Open Science initiatives, that covered an analysis of projects linked to Open Science and key experts, organizations, and networks associated with Open Science. It also produced a stakeholder engagement plan, focusing on means of engaging key target actors to support their input in the other two work packages of the project: WP2 (developing interventions for RPOs and RFOs to implement a reformed research(er) assessment system that incentivises and rewards Open Science) and WP3 (developing indicators and metrics for a reformed assessment system at RPOs and RFOs that incentivises and rewards Open Science).

Within WP1, Task 1.1 ran State-of-the-Art on Open Science Initiatives. This task covered the landscaping of framework programme projects linked to Open Science; key experts, organisations and networks linked to Open Science.

Beside introduction this deliverable contains several chapters:

  • Chapter 2 – Landscaping of Framework Projects
  • Chapter 3 – Landscaping of Experts, Organisations and Networks and Schemes
  • Chapter 4 – Stakeholder Engagement Plan
  • Chapter 5 – Conclusions


D1.2 Literature Review

Deliverable 1.2 – Initial State of the Art on Open Science Literature has the overall objective to present the results of this landscaping, in order to provide an initial structured input to the project’s overall objective to “develop coordination and support measures to reform the assessment of research and researchers at Research Performing Organisations (RPOs) and Research Funding Organisations (RFOs) towards a system that incentivises and rewards researchers to practise Open Science”.

This Deliverable, going beyond its original scope, not only reviews the literature but also takes a first step towards defining a framework to incentive and reward the transition to Open Science. This initial work will further evolve in subsequent work packages, through consultation and testing.

The subsequent chapters of this deliverable are structured as follows:
Chapter 2. Overall Methodology for Literature Review, looking at vocabulary and scope and at the approach towards the bibliographical analysis;
Chapter 3. Incentives and Rewards for Open Science
Chapter 4. Precarity and Open Science
Chapter 5. Gender Equality and Open Science
Chapter 6. Industry Practices and Open Science
Chapter 7: Trust and Open Science
Chapter 8: Conclusions and Input to WP2 (interventions) and WP3 (indicators and metrics)
Chapter 9. Annexes and Bibliography

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