Revolutionizing Academic Assessment: Introducing DORA Reformscape

Revolutionizing Academic Assessment: Introducing DORA Reformscape 696 240 Open and Universal Science (OPUS) Project

In the ever-evolving landscape of academia, the conventional methods of evaluating research quality and advancing researchers’ careers are being challenged. Outdated approaches have been criticized for their lack of fairness and responsibility, often resulting in the oversight of talented individuals, hindering progress in diversity, equity, and inclusion. Recognizing the need for change, institutions worldwide are grappling with the task of reforming academic career assessments. Enter DORA Reformscape – an innovative online tool designed to guide institutions through the challenges of implementing responsible assessment practices.

DORA Reformscape: A Catalyst for Change

DORA Reformscape is a comprehensive online resource that allows academic institutions to explore examples of responsible assessment practices for hiring, promotion, and tenure. Drawing from the experiences of over a hundred institutions globally, Reformscape serves as a repository of policies, action plans, principles, and expertly curated insights. It is a beacon for those ready to usher in meaningful change in their assessment practices.

Features and Uses of Reformscape:

  1. Source of Inspiration:
    • Reformscape provides detailed examples of how institutions worldwide have reformed their academic career assessment processes.
    • It serves as a source of inspiration, offering ideas that can be adapted to suit the unique needs of individual institutions.
  2. Benchmarking Tool:
    • Institutions can use Reformscape to benchmark their assessment practices within the wider academic landscape.
    • Visualized trends and insights allow for a comparative analysis of how institutions have transformed their hiring, promotion, and tenure processes.
  3. Time-Saving Resource:
    • Reformscape streamlines the search for best practices, saving time in the quest for fairer assessment approaches.
    • It provides a centralized platform for evaluating faculty roles, promoting efficiency in the reform process.
  4. Progress Celebration:
    • Institutions can utilize Reformscape to celebrate their progress in implementing responsible assessment practices.
    • Demonstrates a commitment to the principles outlined in the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA).
  5. Diverse Global Representation:
    • Reformscape stands out as a unique platform showcasing the diversity of institutions worldwide in one accessible place.
    • Users can search, filter, and explore trends within a global context, gaining insights into various approaches to assessment reform.
  6. Expert Insights:
    • More than just a data repository, Reformscape offers expertly curated insights and commentary from the DORA team, providing valuable context to the data.

A Tool Co-Created with the Community:

Reformscape is not just a product; it is a collaborative effort co-created with members of the academic community. Developed as part of DORA’s Project TARA, the tool continues to evolve alongside the academic community. Its growth is driven by the input and needs of users, making it a dynamic and valuable resource.

Behind the Scenes: FAQs and Methodology:

Users interested in the data behind Reformscape can delve into the FAQs and methodology sections, providing transparency about how data is collected and analyzed. This openness reflects DORA’s commitment to integrity and accountability.

Spreading the Word: #Reformscape

Users are encouraged to spread awareness of Reformscape by using the hashtag #Reformscape. This grassroots approach ensures that the tool reaches those who stand to benefit from its wealth of resources.

Additional Resources:

In addition to Reformscape, users can explore case studies and a resource library, offering more examples of institutions successfully implementing change in their assessment practices.

Empowering Change: DORA Reformscape – A Beacon for the Future of Academic Assessment

DORA Reformscape emerges as a groundbreaking solution to the challenges faced by institutions seeking to reform academic career assessments. Its global perspective, diverse representation, and community-driven development make it an invaluable tool for those committed to fostering fairness, equity, and inclusion in academia. To learn more about Reformscape, read the press release, blog series, or get in touch with the DORA team at This transformative tool, developed as part of Project TARA with the support of Arcadia, is poised to revolutionize the way institutions approach academic assessment.

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