Champions of Open Science

Champions of Open Science 1 1 Open and Universal Science (OPUS) Project

In the world of academia, scientific research has traditionally been a closely guarded domain, only accessible to those with the means and resources to access it. However, in recent years, there has been a growing movement towards open science and free access to knowledge. This movement has been driven by a number of dedicated individuals who have worked tirelessly to make scientific research more accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial or institutional resources. In this article, we will explore the contributions of some of the people who have played a significant role in making open science and free access to knowledge a reality.

  1. Brian Nosek: Brian Nosek is a professor of psychology at the University of Virginia and co-founder of the Center for Open Science. Nosek is a vocal advocate for open science and has conducted extensive research on scientific practices and biases. His work has helped to promote transparency and reproducibility in the field of psychology, and he has also developed several tools and resources to facilitate open science practices, such as the Open Science Framework.
  2. Jean-Claude Bradley: Jean-Claude Bradley was a chemist and professor at Drexel University who was a pioneer in the open science movement. Bradley was a strong advocate for open access to scientific research and data, and he was a proponent of using online tools to facilitate collaboration and sharing among researchers. He also developed several open science projects, including the Open Notebook Science Network and the UsefulChem project, which focused on open collaboration in the field of chemistry.
  3. John Wilbanks: John Wilbanks is a data commons expert who has worked with several organizations to promote open science practices. He has been a strong advocate for open access to scientific research and data, and he has helped to develop several tools and initiatives to facilitate this, such as the Consent to Research Project and the Sage Bionetworks Commons.
  4. Erin McKiernan: Erin McKiernan is a professor of physics at the National Autonomous University of Mexico and a vocal advocate for open science practices. McKiernan has been involved in several initiatives to promote open access to scientific research and data, including the Open Access Button and the Cost of Knowledge project. She has also been a vocal proponent of open data and open educational resources.
  5. Michael Eisen: Michael Eisen is a biologist and co-founder of the Public Library of Science (PLOS), which is a nonprofit organization that promotes open access to scientific research. Eisen has been a strong advocate for open access publishing and has worked to develop several open science initiatives, including the Open Science Framework and the ASAPbio project.

These champions of open science have made significant contributions to the scientific community by promoting transparency, collaboration, and open access to scientific research and data. Their work has helped to advance the open science movement and has encouraged other researchers to adopt open science practices. As more scientists and organizations embrace open science, the scientific community will become more collaborative, transparent, and accessible to all.

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