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For Early Career Researchers (ECRs), navigating the academic landscape can often feel like a daunting task, with limited access to reliable resources and opportunities for career advancement. Open Research Europe aims to change that narrative by offering a platform tailored specifically to empower ECRs, providing them with the tools, resources, and collaborative opportunities necessary to thrive in their research endeavors.

At Open Research Europe, the importance of fostering an environment where ECRs can gain invaluable experience, access valuable resources, and engage in meaningful collaborations to propel their research careers forward is highly recognized. Whether it’s publishing groundbreaking findings, honing editorial skills through peer review, spearheading collections, or serving as a Community Gateway Advisor, we offer a myriad of opportunities for ECRs to make their mark in the academic sphere.

What Opportunities Await Early Career Researchers at Open Research Europe?

Irrespective of their research disciplines, ECRs can leverage Open Research Europe to:

  1. Publish Articles: Showcase your research to a global audience through our platform’s rapid publication process.
  2. Explore Open Access Research: Access a wealth of open access research materials to enrich your scholarly pursuits.
  3. Diversify Article Types: Choose from a diverse range of article types to effectively communicate your findings.
  4. Engage in Peer Review: Refine your critical analysis skills by participating in the peer review process.
  5. Serve as Community Gateway Advisors: Take on leadership roles to guide and support fellow researchers.
  6. Lead Collections: Curate and lead collections as guest advisors, contributing to scholarly discourse and advancement.

About Open Research Europe

Open Research Europe stands as a beacon of open access publishing, committed to facilitating the rapid dissemination of research outputs without editorial bias. Embracing principles of transparency and reproducibility, our platform employs a rigorous post-publication peer review process to foster an open dialogue between authors and the wider research community.

Why Choose Open Research Europe for Publishing?

By publishing with Open Research Europe, ECRs can enjoy a plethora of benefits tailored to support their burgeoning careers:

  1. Diverse Article Types: With over 14 article types available, ECRs can choose formats that best suit their research and audience.
  2. Rapid Publication: Your findings are promptly disseminated upon meeting our publication guidelines, ensuring swift access to your work.
  3. Post-Publication Peer Review: Receive constructive feedback from experts, enhancing the quality and impact of your research.
  4. Horizon Europe Compliance: Our platform aligns fully with Horizon Europe open research policies, ensuring compliance with funding requirements.
  5. Enhanced Visibility and Impact: Enjoy higher citation rates, increased visibility, and greater opportunities for collaboration, amplifying the reach and influence of your research.

Open Research Europe extends its invitation to all researchers with Horizon 2020 and/or Horizon Europe funding, offering a cost-free avenue to showcase their work and contribute to the advancement of scholarly knowledge. Join us in shaping the future of open science and unlocking the full potential of your research career.

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